Priority number one for August is to celebrate! Seriously, on August 8, I’m publishing my fifth book in five years — Steel Empires Book 5: Steel Shadows. That’s a pretty awesome accomplishment, and while it would be easy to focus on all the other projects I have (and am behind on), I shouldn’t let this pass by unmarked. Here are some ways to party with me:

But let’s not get TOO distracted. There’s still plenty on my plate.

July Wrap-Up

  • I finished my review of Steel Justice, did some supplemental research to fill in some gaps, and sent it off to my beta reader!
  • I’ve started reading a manuscript from that beta reader in trade, and I’m loving it so far.
  • I didn’t finish the first draft of Steel Justice, but I added new words to it for the first time in literally months. Burnout is real, kids, and the small accomplishments matter.
  • I’m not doing a full blog tour for the Steel Shadows launch, but I did submit a few blog posts to be hosted elsewhere. Links to those will be posted here on official launch day.
  • I scheduled a venue for the live launch party!
  • And I had a great time on my first trip to Chicago for an excellent work conference followed up by a lovely weekend with a good friend. We went to the local Renaissance festival!
With Deanna Sjolander, pirate queen

July Book Reviews

July Speculative Chic Contributions

Note: Due to multiple reasons, I’m stepping back from watching so many films to review at Speculative Chic. However, my 2019 Resolution Project to complete the Kate Daniels series continues on schedule, and I’m dedicated to continuing to contribute to the monthly Roundtable discussion posts.

August Goals

  • Celebrate the release of Steel Shadows!
  • Complete the first draft of Steel Justice!
  • Start outline for the as-yet untitled book 7! (I already have so many cool ideas.)
  • Finish beta reading my friend’s excellent work-in-progress.
  • Attend Pulpfest in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, for my publisher’s “sweet 16” anniversary celebration!
My new book matches Lucy’s eyes!

One thought on “July Wrap-Up & August Goals

  1. So many incredible things going! And congrats on the upcoming release. I’ve always been so impressed with your dedication to your books, craft, and community. Can’t wait for Steel Shadows!

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