To celebrate completing revisions on my fourth novel, Steel Time, and sending it off to my publisher for layout, I took a break before jumping into my next major project (revisions to book 5, Steel Shadows) by building the awesome set I received from my littlest sister last Christmas.

The Arrowhead (75186) — 775 pieces

As usual, these ships get built from the inside out. Doesn’t seem like much at first, but you need a solid base to add on all the cool bits. I do love the build colors in this build, rather than it being a mess of light and dark grays.

Next came the front portion of the ship, the beginning of the epic battering ram that gives the Arrowhead it’s name.

Then, of course, the wings and rear engines. The set wasn’t large enough for building one wing right after the other to be repetitive, especially since I also stopped building for the night after completing the first one, then picked it up again the next afternoon.


And finally, the completed ship! There are room for three minifigs in the spacious cockpit, and my favorite element of this build is the unique power crystal engine that sits inside the ship itself.

Now pardon me, but I’ve got 87k words to clean up and send off to my beta-readers so that I can FINALLY start working on my amazing SHIELD Helicarrier!

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