Sorry I’ve been AWOL for the past few days. I crashed pretty hard after the excitement of the Steel Magic launch and needed some time to recharge. (And by recharge I mean build a new Lego set.) But I’m back with some great news! One of my favorite beta readers/critique partners had a short story published today, and it’s freely available for all to enjoy.

“The Cannibalism Hypothesis”

A short story by Chelsea Stickle  on The Fem

I’ve had the honor of reading the larger work that this stand-alone piece fits into, and it’s one of my favorite tales out of the bunch. Considering Chelsea is one of the reasons that my characters are as sorted as they are, I highly encourage everyone to check out her work.

Just a quick reminder that the official Steel Magic launch party is still on for tomorrow evening in Washington DC. The cake is ordered. Will I see you there? Full details here.

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