As I slowly get caught up on the never-ending list of finished books that need to be reviewed, I figured I should put together an official review policy (even though I definitely don’t consider myself an official book reviewer). Go here or click the “Review Policy” tab at the top of the page for information on what sorts of books I read, why I am writing reviews, and whether I will review your books or you can review mine (the answer to both is generally yes).

Apparently book reviews were not just on my mind today, because I stumbled across a great blog post on the topic this morning. Author Romarin Demetri wrote about “Why bloggers should vet ‘self-published’ authors instead of discriminating against them.” I’m not going to be that hardcore since I’m not doing this in any official capacity, but I fully agree with her sentiments. As an “indie” author myself, I am committed to the idea that I am not in competition with other authors. We’re all in this together, kids.

Can’t wait for my reviews and want to know what I’m reading right away? And see adorable cats, too? Follow me on Twitter or Instagram, where I post pictures of every book I start with whatever cat happens to be sitting still at the moment. This is the most recent one:

Alex the blue-point Siamese is perturbed that the green-toned cover of Ilona Andrews’ MAGIC SHIFTS is ruining his color-coordination with my library carpet. His sister Lucy attempted to photo-bomb but wandered away at the last second.

I’m almost finally caught up with my reviews after getting backlogged last March, when I read 14 novels during a 10-day vacation. Let’s see if I can beat that record and get completely behind once again when I leave for my next 10-day vacation next week!

4 thoughts on “Book Review Policy

    1. Thanks! I have fun reviewing from the prospective of both a reader and a writer, and I hope no one minds that I don’t waste time rehashing the book’s plot. As for the vacation, I’ve got hardcopies of the Magicians trilogy by Lev Grossman (because I’ve been enjoying the SyFy show) and a bunch of stuff saved up on the Kindle. If I run out, I can start stealing my husband’s Star Trek Enterprise novels (he’s bringing the entire 4-part “Rise of the Federation” series).

      1. I enjoy it and hope you continue reviewing. I would appreciate it if you would review one of my novels in the future. Could I add your email to my list?

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