Though I didn’t hit any major milestones in February, I feel like I had a decently productive month. Let’s see how the numbers look.

February Wrap-Up:

  • Not look at book 3. Success! I did, however, do a bunch of fun work for book 2, Steel Magic, like write the back cover text, coordinate potential pre-release readers for back cover blurbs, and get a sneak-peak at the cover. The cover is AMAZING, by the way. Brad Sharp hit it out of the park once again.
  • Prequel story #2 revisions. Success! The first two scenes are with my new critique partners, and I have a third (out of 10) revised. I also completed critiques for both of them, and I’m excited to help with their new projects.
  • Preliminary book 4 outline. Success! I’ve brainstormed the major structural parts of the next installment of the Steel Empires series, including major character arcs, subplots, and even–gasp!–a romance!
  • Book reviews. SUCCESS! I wrote, count ’em, three whole book reviews this month. My backlog is now caught up to July of 2015.

March Goals:

  1. Complete the scene-by-scene outline for book 4. I am armed with poster board, index cards, post-it notes, and colored pens. No power in the ‘verse can stop me now.
  2. Continue revising the next scenes in prequel story #2 for submission to critique group.
  3. Attend Cleveland ConCoction from March 11-13! I will post my schedule of panels, readings, signings, and PARTIES soon.
  4. More book reviews!
  5. Start making a dent in my t0-be-read pile. I’ve been a bit of a Netflix fiend for the past few months, and my shelves are overflowing. Some of these I am intentionally saving for my vacation at the beginning of April, but others have been languishing on my shelves for an embarrassingly long time. Please leave a comment if you think any of them should be started immediately!
So many books, so little time…

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