I had really high expectations for this book since it is the end of a 15-book saga by one of my favorite authors.

Vaughn exceeded every single expectation.

  1. Bring together a bunch of old allies: Characters from every major adventure show up to help Kitty through this final battle. All of them play a significant role, so they are not just brought in for fan service. (Minor critique: I would have been okay with more bad things happening to the side of light, but that’s probably because I’m a darker author.)
  2. Answer major questions: We’ve known all along that Roman was the general, and it was teased a few books ago that a Caesar was pulling his strings. I was pleased that we do learn who the Caesar is, to good effect.
  3. Escalate the world building: The author has introduced us to a lot of the supernatural in her world, with a final major reveal here that was done very deftly. (Minor critique: I greatly appreciate the inclusion of Chinese mythology in this world, and I would have been happy to learn if/how the Caesar was also their Big Bad rather than remaining firmly in the Judeo-Christian mythos.)

While I would happily read more about Kitty, I feel satisfied by the end of her and Ben’s story. The author definitely still has plenty of room to play in this world (What do Cormac and Amelia do next? Is Grant really guarding Cthulu in Las Vegas? What about the other mythologies in the world and their supernatural creatures?) and I would enjoy going along for the ride!

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars

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