This weekend I will be at Confluence, Pittsburgh’s science fiction/fantasy/horror literary conference!

My schedule:

Friday, July 24:

6 PM: Panel on Work-Life Balance for Freelance Writers: House, family, food on the table – and writing the Next Big Thing. How to make it work

7 PM: Joint reading with Dog Star Books authors J.L. Gribble (STEEL VICTORY) and Albert Wendland (THE MAN WHO LOVED ALIEN LANDSCAPES)

11 PM: Kaffeeklatsch on Genre Bending with authors from Raw Dog Screaming Press (J.L. Gribble, Albert Wendland, and K. Ceres Wright)

Saturday, July 25:

2 PM: Signing STEEL VICTORY (I will have copies to sell or bring your own!)

7 PM: Panel on The Manuscript on the Doorstep: Successful relationships between writers and editors

9 PM: Panel on Disability in SF and Fantasy: Nature, nurture, and happenstance – some human beings have to climb mountains just to make it through the day. How have these struggles been incorporated into speculative fiction? Are there topics still to be explored?

Sunday, July 26:

10 AM: Panel on Agents: To Have, or Have Not?: Is that fifteen percent or so really worth it?

Let me know if you’ll also be at Confluence so I get a chance to meet you!

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