Review: City Ash and Desert Bones by Laurel Myler

Disclaimer: This book was produced by the publishing company that also publishes my current series of novels; however, I purchased a hardcopy version of this novel for full price. The mystery about Reesa, one of the narrators and main characters of this novel, hooks you from the very first line of the book. As reminders […]

Review: “28 Teeth Later” (a PRISON DAD short) by Cristin Kist & Jeffrey Gritman

Disclaimer: I am friends with the authors of this short story. However, I purchased the ebook version for full price. I ¬†have not yet had a chance to read either of the¬†Prison Dad collections that I own, but this short story was a delightful introduction to the world. I was promised ridiculousness, speculative fiction references, […]