Review: ARTICLES OF THE FEDERATION by Keith R. A. DeCandido

Reasons why you should read this book: You are a fan of political dramas that involve multiple main characters dealing with crises and scandals. The television show The West Wing is your favorite of all of those. You are curious about the inner workings of the Federation, a major government in the Star Trek universe, […]

Review: A TRAIL THROUGH TIME (Chronicles of St. Mary’s #4) by Jodi Taylor

It’s hard to be a fan of time travel stories without also acquiring some familiarity of the alternate universe trope along the way. Jodi Taylor switches up her world a bit as Max receives the full effect of her second chance. But there are still enough similarities to our original St. Mary’s Institute of Historical […]

Review: A SYMPHONY OF ECHOES (Chronicles of St. Mary’s #2) by Jodi Taylor

There’s always a vague worry when picking up the second book in a series that it won’t quite measure up. That the first amazing novel was a flash-in-the-pan fluke, sucking up all of the author’s creativity and leaving only the dregs of inspiration for future installments. Luckily, I loved A Symphony of Echoes at least […]

SF Signal hosts my blog post about vampires in popular fiction!

I took a film genre course in college, and wrote an entire research paper on the evolution of vampires in film. No knowledge is ever wasted, so with a little more work, I was able to write a (much shorter) essay on the evolution of vampires in popular fiction. SF Signal was lovely enough to […]

KW Taylor: New Dog Star Books author!

Some facts you might not know about speculative fiction writer K.W. Taylor: Like me, she is from Dayton, Ohio. By law, all Dayton writers must go by their initials for publication. Her adorable tabby cat Dharma and my blue-point Siamese Alex are having a sordid long-distance romance. In our spare time, we front a postmodern industrial synth band […]