Book Review: Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick

I find it hilarious that “gay English prince” is a legitimate subgenre of queer romance. Still, I worried that I’d find it repetitive after previously enjoying Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston and The Spare by Miranda Dubner. Overall, this book is much more of a romantic comedy like the former, but itContinue reading “Book Review: Playing the Palace by Paul Rudnick”

Review: Mixed Messages Series by Lily Morton

Rule Breaker (Book 1) As much as I enjoy reading romances that involve power dynamics, I have trouble crossing certain lines. An employer/employee relationship is one of them because the power balance there is not imbalanced through the desires of the participants but instead due to outside forces. However, this established history between Dylan andContinue reading “Review: Mixed Messages Series by Lily Morton”

Review: After Oscar Series by Lucy Lennox & Molly Maddox

IRL: In Real Life (Book 1) I’m not one for texting/sexting or sending intimate photos by text, so the basic premise of this “meet-cute” didn’t initially speak to me. However, the authors quickly turn the dynamic sexy AF, and they also don’t leave the reader hanging about who is on the other end of Conor’sContinue reading “Review: After Oscar Series by Lucy Lennox & Molly Maddox”

Review: May the Best Man Win by J.R. Gray & Kate Hawthorne

I’m already a solid fan of Hawthorne, but a friend encouraged me to also check out works by Gray, so this seemed like the perfect option. This book is a fun enemies-to-lovers romance with a dash of kink and plenty of wedding shenanigans, so basically lots of my favorite things. Jasper and Lincoln grew onContinue reading “Review: May the Best Man Win by J.R. Gray & Kate Hawthorne”

Review: Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall

Snarkiness, terrible jokes, and a dose of anxiety are how I fit myself into this crazy world, so it should come as no surprise that I fell in love with the character of Luc at once. Even better, so much of Oliver’s personality is shown through the text, even in a story from Luc’s pointContinue reading “Review: Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall”

Review: GENRENAUTS: SEASON ONE by Michael R. Underwood

Sometimes, you find a published story that incorporates major elements of an idea you had once upon a time and you’re disappointed, because now it’s already “taken.” But other times, you stumble across a story that’s very similar to a vague idea you had back in high school and you’re thrilled, because someone has alreadyContinue reading “Review: GENRENAUTS: SEASON ONE by Michael R. Underwood”