Book Review: Priest Series by Sierra Simone

This post includes reviews of the books in the Priest series: Priest (#1) Sinner (#2) Saint (#3) Priest (Priest #1) I enjoyed this book a lot more when I stopped thinking about it as a romance. I have very little patience for the religious angst of white guys, especially when it involves a religion withContinue reading “Book Review: Priest Series by Sierra Simone”

Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman

I have a weird history with this book. I was utterly convinced that I’d read it before, but I remembered really bizarre parts of it, such as Shadow being cold in Lakeside and the secret of the klunker on the lake. I even watched season 1 of the new television show (enjoying it immensely), andContinue reading “Review: American Gods by Neil Gaiman”