Review: Our Little Secret (Finding Forever #1) by Rebecca Raine

Having enjoyed previous books by Raine, I finally decided to dive into her longer shared-world romance novel series. This short-but-sweet novel includes two bisexual men in a gay relationship who are searching for their third. They find her in the form of a former employee, and they turn up the romance once her contract withContinue reading “Review: Our Little Secret (Finding Forever #1) by Rebecca Raine”

Review: Return To You Series by Rebecca Raine

Finding Grey (Book 1) This story is the slowest burn of all slow-burn romances, making the eventual reveal all the more delicious. However, I also love that adult Dante and Sean connect in friendship even before the weight of their history crashes down. Their story could have taken so many other paths, and this oneContinue reading “Review: Return To You Series by Rebecca Raine”

Review: The Experiment by Rebecca Raine

As a professional medical editor for the day job, I thought it was hilarious that the sections of this book were labeled according to the sections of a journal article, down to the “Methods” and “Limitations.” Even better, the headings accurately reported what part of the plot the section covered. This conceit was cute whileContinue reading “Review: The Experiment by Rebecca Raine”