Review: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir

I like to joke that I know just enough about science to be dangerous but not particularly effective. Apparently, I also know just enough about science to appreciate all the obvious work that Weir has once again put into what is otherwise a classic SF adventure novel without the pesky burden of knowing whether anyContinue reading “Review: Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir”

Review: A Cold Hard Truth (Real Good Lie #2) by Kate Hawthorne

Read my review of the previous book, A Real Good Lie. Disclaimer: I received an ARC of this ebook, though I had fully intended to buy myself a copy if I had not had this opportunity for an early review. Based on the initial interactions between Remington and Sebastian toward the end of the previousContinue reading “Review: A Cold Hard Truth (Real Good Lie #2) by Kate Hawthorne”

Review: Love Always by Riley Hart

One day, I will stop reading books on the elliptical that I know will emotionally wreck me. This book was not the day. The connection between Nate and Wren is instantaneous, but this is far from an insta-love romance. Hart balances a fine line between that particular trope (of which I’m not a fan) andContinue reading “Review: Love Always by Riley Hart”

Review: Finding Home Series by Lily Morton

This post contains reviews for the Finding Home series: Oz (#1) Milo (#2) Gideon (#3) Short Stack (follow-up stories) Oz (Book 1) Though it can stand alone as a book, I’m pleased that I had additional background regarding Silas’ family and family history when going into this book. Henry and Ivo make excellent appearances, andContinue reading “Review: Finding Home Series by Lily Morton”

Review: Trouble With Triads Series by E. M. Denning

This post includes reviews of the currently available books in the Trouble With Triads series: Spare Room (#1) Spare Parts (#2) Spare Room (Book 1) This story is surprisingly low-angst for how relatively dark things are at the beginning of the book for Alex, the man who first gave up Tristan and moved away onlyContinue reading “Review: Trouble With Triads Series by E. M. Denning”

Review: Bears in the Woods by K. C. Wells

When you wake up strangely early on the weekend, the only thing to do is burn through a good book. This low-angst romance provided all the warm fuzzies necessary to get me through the rest of the day, and I can only hope that if I’m ever (metaphorically) lost in the woods that bears asContinue reading “Review: Bears in the Woods by K. C. Wells”

Review: Middleman by Jane Rylon

I snagged this book because it ticked all the boxes of my latest favorite reads, but especially because an author that I adore mentioned reading it in her online fan group. Though I spent extra money on it because it was not available on Kindle Unlimited, I don’t regret the purchase at all. This bookContinue reading “Review: Middleman by Jane Rylon”

Review: A Growl, a Roar, and a Purr (Lions & Tigers & Bears #1) by K. C. Wells

This book is a significant departure from other titles I’ve read by this author, but since my heart belongs to the urban fantasy genre, I knew I had to check it out. In this paranormal romance, Wells explores the shifter and fated mates tropes in this fun action-adventure romp that includes an epic heist andContinue reading “Review: A Growl, a Roar, and a Purr (Lions & Tigers & Bears #1) by K. C. Wells”

Review: Inferno Series by J. R. Gray

Clouded Hell (Book 1) This book is not a dark romance, though it gets pretty dark at times. Not because of the kinks between the main characters, but simply because of the worlds of organized crime and underground fighting they’re involved with. It’s immediately clear, however, that Remi and Dante are anti-heroes rather than villains,Continue reading “Review: Inferno Series by J. R. Gray”

Review: The Wimberley Chronicles by Kelly Fox

Wimberley has always been a source of curiosity for me after reading Fox’s Wrecked and Wrecked: Guardians series. It’s a private black ops program, it employs Hedy and the Bash Brothers, and other than that…your guess was as good as mine. It turns out, Fox initially wrote a book featuring the full story, then usedContinue reading “Review: The Wimberley Chronicles by Kelly Fox”