Review: Sapphire (Jewels Cafe #2) by Eva Delaney

I think this series is definitely less on the serious side and more on the absurdly ridiculous spectrum of the fantasy genre. Once again, this “reverse harem” actually means over-the-top and unbelievable wish fulfillment rather than real relationships. I honestly would have enjoyed this more without the sex, if it was just about Sapphire theContinue reading “Review: Sapphire (Jewels Cafe #2) by Eva Delaney”

Review: Amber (Jewels Cafe #1) by Mia Harlan

I checked out this series because I saw it recommended in another author’s mailing list. I’ve previously enjoyed other reverse harem series, so why not? It turns out I enjoy the conflict and drama that can accompany polyamorous relationships rather than the wish-fulfillment/escapism of one girl with a handful of dudes swooning over her. AmberContinue reading “Review: Amber (Jewels Cafe #1) by Mia Harlan”