Book Review: Rediscovered (Do-Over #2) by E.M. Denning

This book continues the tale of the other groom in the failed arranged married from the first story, along with evoking plenty of thematic echoes to create an excellent duet of stories. Denning held back a lot of Harrison’s half of the story in Rearranged in order not to spoil this half of the narrative.Continue reading “Book Review: Rediscovered (Do-Over #2) by E.M. Denning”

Book Review: Rearranged (Do-Over #1) by E.M. Denning

One of the best things about following an author on social media is getting to experience the full evolution of a story, from conception to publication. I followed along as Denning mentioned binge-reading all the arranged marriage trope romances she could find and then as she spoke about writing her own. So, it was prettyContinue reading “Book Review: Rearranged (Do-Over #1) by E.M. Denning”