Review: White House Men Series by Nora Phoenix

This post includes reviews of the currently available books in the White House Men series: Press (#1) Friends (#2) Click (#3) Serve (#4) Care (#5) Puzzle (#6) Press (Book 1) This was the first Nora Phoenix title I picked up a few months ago, and at the time, I read the first 10 percent andContinue reading “Review: White House Men Series by Nora Phoenix”

Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur

This post reviews each of the available books in the Us series: Here For Us (#1) Sound of Us (#2) Uniquely Us (#3) Heart of Us (#4) Here For Us (Book 1) This novel is a slow-burn romance between three very different men, and I don’t just refer to their disparate ages. It also includesContinue reading “Review: Us Series by A. M. Arthur”

Review: Goodnight (Rebel Sky Ranch #1) by Kelly Fox

Disclaimer: I received an advanced electronic copy of this book from the author. One of the things I love most about Kelly Fox’s book series is how each focuses on a different romance subgenre but still exists in the same shared world. I was sucked into the drama of a gym that supports disabled vetsContinue reading “Review: Goodnight (Rebel Sky Ranch #1) by Kelly Fox”

Review: Protectors Series by Sloane Kennedy

This post contains reviews for the books currently available in the Protectors series: Absolution (Book 1) Salvation (Book 2) Retribution (Book 3) Forsaken (Book 4) Vengeance (Book 5) A Protector’s Family Christmas (Book 5.5) Discovering Daisy (Book 5.6) Atonement (Book 6) Revelation (Book 7) Redemption (Book 8) Defiance (Book 9) Protecting Elliot (Book 9.5) UnexpectedContinue reading “Review: Protectors Series by Sloane Kennedy”

Review: Perfect Hands Series by Nora Phoenix

This post contains reviews of all the books in the Perfect Hands series: Firm Hand (Book 1) Gentle Hand (Book 2) Naughty Hand (Book 2.5) Slow Hand (Book 3) Healing Hand (Book 4)

Review: Havenwood Series by Riley Hart

Giving Chase (Book 1) Falling for the older brother’s best friend isn’t necessarily a trope I lean toward, but I’ll make an exception when the characters are far beyond high school and the best friend has just returned from over a decade away. The chemistry between Chase and Kellan is undeniable, but they face multipleContinue reading “Review: Havenwood Series by Riley Hart”

Review: Say You’ll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox

Like most people in the United States who don’t have a crafty bone in their body, HGTV is basically crack to me. No surprise, then, that I would dive into a contemporary romance featuring a fake relationship and a renovations YouTube channel (also, my parents are doing work on their house and I’m tired ofContinue reading “Review: Say You’ll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox”