STEEL VICTORY deleted scene!

SteelVictoryARC_cov.inddIn honor of the final days of the Steel Victory 99 cent sale, I wanted to post one of the deleted scenes I have from this book.

This is a Toria and Syri scene from the middle section of the novel that shows a lot of fun interaction between the two girls. It was ultimately cut because it didn’t do anything to forward the plot or provide any information that had not yet been covered. I also changed a bit of their characterization in my final rewrites, so some details aren’t relevant to the rest of the Steel Empires series¬†anymore.

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Snow Day Special: STEEL VICTORY deleted scene!

snow day

Lucy is perturbed that she can’t see over the snow on our porch.

Since we had another snow day here at Casa Siamese, or Limani HQ, or STEEL EMPIRES central, or whatever I feel like calling my house today, I figured it was time for a treat to break us out of the winter doldrums. Or at least while we take a break from shoveling. (There was a lot of shoveling.) So time for another deleted scene from STEEL VICTORY!

There are more specific details after the jump, but to be on the safe side, only venture further if you have read at least the first half of the novel!

(More deleted scenes can be found here.)

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