Review: Love Beyond Measure Series by E.M. Lindsey

The Edge of Heaven (Book 1) On the surface, this book shouldn’t really work. It feels like “how many romance novel tropes can we cram into one story?” Let’s see: fake date to a wedding, falling for the escort, hidden identity, getting back at an ex, idiots in love, and finally, there’s only one bed!Continue reading “Review: Love Beyond Measure Series by E.M. Lindsey”

Review: Irons and Works Series by E.M. Lindsey

This post includes reviews of the following books in the Irons and Works series: Free Hand (Book 1) Blank Canvas (Book 2) American Traditional (Book 3) Bio-Mechanical (Book 4) Stick and Poke (Book 5) Scarification (Book 6) To Touch the Light (follow-up novella) Last-Minute Walk-In (follow-up novella)

Review: On the Market Series by E.M. Lindsey

Love Him Free (Book 1) A Jewish baker and a deaf adult film star walk into a bar. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, except here the joke is that they never go to a bar, but the characters are very much real. Simon is a small-town guy battling massive amounts of anxietyContinue reading “Review: On the Market Series by E.M. Lindsey”