Review: One Room at the Inn by Colette Davison

A freak snowstorm the night before Christmas results in a surprise gift for three friends who reunite when forced to take shelter. Ellis, Zev, and PK were besties in high school but lost touch over time as those growing up are wont to do. However, as it says on the tin, buried emotions and heretoforeContinue reading “Review: One Room at the Inn by Colette Davison”

Review: I Wished For You by Collette Davison

I needed something relatively fluffy and lower on the angst spectrum after reading a somewhat dark romantic trilogy, and this stand-alone novel fit the bill nicely. Seb, Matt, and Connor have been best friends since childhood, and the book is pretty much exactly as described—a lovely romance about the three main characters finding their wayContinue reading “Review: I Wished For You by Collette Davison”