Review: Night Shift (Midnight, Texas #3) by Charlaine Harris

I quickly sped through the finale of this trilogy once it arrived in the mail. However, this was mostly to get to the end of the story rather than through any great love for the world or the characters. On the one hand, I am very satisfied with how some story lines concluded, such asContinue reading “Review: Night Shift (Midnight, Texas #3) by Charlaine Harris”

Review: Day Shift (Midnight, Texas #2) by Charlaine Harris

Now that I knew what I was getting into, I tore through the second book that inspired my favorite television show of the summer. If anything, this novel made me want to go back and re-watch episodes of the show to appreciate the characters more. The main plot of this book (or at least oneContinue reading “Review: Day Shift (Midnight, Texas #2) by Charlaine Harris”

Review: Midnight Crossroad (Midnight, Texas #1) by Charlaine Harris

Like The Magicians, I’m glad that I watched the television series version of this story before picking up the books. However, unlike The Magicians, it wasn’t because the screen version fixed things that I hated about the books. In this case, it was purely because writing for screen is different than writing for the page.