Book Review: Diviner’s Game Series by Jennifer Cody

This post includes reviews of the books in the Diviner’s Game series: Bishop to Knight One (Diviner’s Game #1) When I tried to read an earlier edition of this book, I didn’t get very far. A few months later, I read other books by this author and fell in love with her creativity and writingContinue reading “Book Review: Diviner’s Game Series by Jennifer Cody”

Book Review: Play by Nikki Markham

This book is not officially part of the series, per the author, and it works very well as a stand-alone. But, both main characters here are featured in Impact, and the overall friendship connections involved in the larger cast of characters are more interesting and carry a bit more weight if you have read theContinue reading “Book Review: Play by Nikki Markham”

Book Review: Pieces of Silver (Starian Tale) by Iris Foxglove

This novella works best if you’ve read the main Starian Cycle series of novels, mostly for the identities and relationships between all of the secondary characters who make up the Starian royal family, their consorts, and their important officials. However, the narrators for this particular story are the palace guard captain and royal tailor, whichContinue reading “Book Review: Pieces of Silver (Starian Tale) by Iris Foxglove”

Book Review: Rebound by Kate Hawthorne

A bit of a long-running joke in this author’s social media groups is that she can’t write a stand-alone novel. This book, however, definitely stands alone, and whether she wrote it that way on purpose or not is irrelevant, because it still includes everything I love about her writing and storytelling. Ben and Thomas areContinue reading “Book Review: Rebound by Kate Hawthorne”

Book Review: Lunatic (Necessary Evils #6) by Onley James

Read my reviews of the previous books in the Necessary Evils series: Unhinged (#1) Psycho (#2) Moonstruck (#3) Damaged (#3.5) Headcase (#4) Mad Man (#5) Every time I can’t possibly love this series more, James ups the ante on us again. I knew going in that this book would cross over with another series by the same author, and that itContinue reading “Book Review: Lunatic (Necessary Evils #6) by Onley James”

Book Review: Prepared (Auctioned #6) by Cara Dee

Read my reviews of the previous books in the Auctioned series. What I expected with this book: Total fan service of Gray and Darius’ happily ever after, featuring bachelor party shenanigans, a ceremony and reception I’d cry my way through, and familiar, beloved characters showing up from other series. Had that been all this bookContinue reading “Book Review: Prepared (Auctioned #6) by Cara Dee”

Book Review: Breaking Points by Chelsea Stickle

I bought this debut chapbook to support my friend in some small fragment of the way she has supported my writing for years. It then took me an embarrassingly long time to read. Then, when I meant to treat myself to these bits of flash in between working on another project, I found myself devouringContinue reading “Book Review: Breaking Points by Chelsea Stickle”

Book Review: Sworn Enemy (Wild Heart Ranch #1) by Kelly Fox

This book is the first in a brand-new series, but it is also set in Fox’s sprawling and delightfully interconnected world and features plenty of familiar characters. In particular, the two heroes are featured in previous books – one as a solid sort of hero and another as a specific type of villain. Even beforeContinue reading “Book Review: Sworn Enemy (Wild Heart Ranch #1) by Kelly Fox”

Book Review: Breakaway (Sin Bin: West Coast #1) by E.M. Lindsey

I enjoyed the two original entries in Lindsey’s cowritten foray into hockey romance, and while I have no idea when or whether that series will continue, I already knew I’d also be invested in the Western Conference version written by Lindsey alone. This book includes all of what I enjoyed about that series but withContinue reading “Book Review: Breakaway (Sin Bin: West Coast #1) by E.M. Lindsey”

Book Review: Paper Girls Volumes 1-2

Paper Girls Vol. 1 Brian K. Vaughan (writer); Cliff Chiang (artist); Matt Wilson (colors); Jared K. Fletcher (letters) I’ve had the first two volumes of this series sitting on my shelf for ages, and I promise it is a sheer coincidence that I finally decided to read them now that the first episodes of theContinue reading “Book Review: Paper Girls Volumes 1-2”