May Wrap-Up & June Goals

I did so well in May! I wrote! I read! I adventured! Not as much of all of those as I would have preferred, especially since the day job ate me for the solid week before I left on my vacation at the end of the month, but I suppose we can’t have it all.Continue reading “May Wrap-Up & June Goals”

[out of office]

Book reviews are on hiatus for a week, and my next monthly wrap-up & goals post will be a few days later than usual. Because I’m going on vacation! The spouse and I are hitting the high seas, accompanied by our Atlanta friends. Funny story: close to 15 years of friendship, and we’ve never actuallyContinue reading “[out of office]”

April Wrap-Up & May Goals

In the spirit of full transparency, I rode the struggle bus for the first half of April, without much productivity other than keeping up with reading ARCs and writing book reviews. Then, the spouse and I spent a lovely long weekend with our besties down in Atlanta to join them for their local Renaissance FaireContinue reading “April Wrap-Up & May Goals”

March Wrap-Up & April Goals

I had grand plans for last month, but got caught up in the intersection of physical and mental health issues that reduced my productivity output to a few book reviews and way too much time playing World of Warcraft. It’s more than a bit frustrating, but I’m trying to be gentle with myself. I didn’tContinue reading “March Wrap-Up & April Goals”

February Wrap-Up & March Goals

I mocked fate hard with last month’s blog post. Remember how I said I might be coming down with something? One of the worst colds I’ve ever had in my life knocked me out for a solid week. I may joke that napping is my Olympic sport, but sleeping 18+ hours a day is notContinue reading “February Wrap-Up & March Goals”

Con Report: Farpoint 2023

Last weekend I attended Farpoint, a pop culture convention local to the Baltimore area, as a panelist and presenter on the writing and fandom tracks! As I explained to a handful of authors that I met for the first time during the event, I don’t generally attend conventions for the primary purpose of selling books.Continue reading “Con Report: Farpoint 2023”

Farpoint 2023 Schedule!

This weekend, pending the status of the terrible cold I’m currently experiencing at the time of this posting, I’ll be at Farpoint 2023 for my first convention of the year! Farpoint 30February 10-12, 2023Delta Hotel by MarriotHunt Valley, MD Friday 5:00 PM: Drive to Finish (panel, Salon E)Do you have the drive to finish yourContinue reading “Farpoint 2023 Schedule!”

January Wrap-Up & February Goals

I think I’m coming down with something, so obviously, the answer is to ignore it and power through, right? We’ll see what wins, my to-do list or my motivation! Do you use to-do lists? How do you keep track of your goals? About 6 months ago, acting on inspiration from a fellow author, I expandedContinue reading “January Wrap-Up & February Goals”

Destination Research: Israel

In the past few years, I have participated in virtual panels on multiple topics for Con-Tinual: The Con That Never Ends. Yesterday, I also contributed to their weekly #DestinationResearch about my visit to Israel in October 2022. The content of those posts is included below, but if you’re interested in a great Facebook community withContinue reading “Destination Research: Israel”

A Year in Reading: 2022

Every year, Goodreads invites me to its annual reading challenge with a helpfully suggested goal of 12 books. Every year, I bump that goal up to 50, because I figure that’s always doable unless the apocalypse occurs. In the last few years, I’ve more than blown that number out of the water. Here’s my finalContinue reading “A Year in Reading: 2022”