Review: Dark Orchid Trilogy by Auryn Hadley

Power of Lies (Book 1) The easiest way to include a lot of erotica in a fantasy novel is to toss in some lust magic. But Hadley doesn’t keep things quite so simple, by layering in other elements of magic to her excellent world-building. The erotica always makes sense, based on the rules of theContinue reading “Review: Dark Orchid Trilogy by Auryn Hadley”

Review: Demons’ Muse Series by Auryn Hadley

The Kiss of Death (Book 1) The “angels are bad, demons are good” trope is not unfamiliar in paranormal romance, but this series puts a different spin on things by including a unique magic system, multiple dimensions, and a new way to look at how angels and demons affected religion on Earth. The heroine’s powerContinue reading “Review: Demons’ Muse Series by Auryn Hadley”