Review: A THEFT OF MAGIC (Fay of Skye #2) by Cara McKinnon

Disclaimer: I consider the author a friend, and the two of us have worked together to help promote each other’s work as nontraditional authors. I won a hardcopy version of this novel from the author in a random giveaway drawing during a social media launch event. I would absolutely have purchased this novel anyway. RomanticContinue reading “Review: A THEFT OF MAGIC (Fay of Skye #2) by Cara McKinnon”

Guest Post: Cara McKinnon on Alternate History

I’m pleased to host author Cara McKinnon today for a discussion on alternate history. And it’s a special occasion! Today marks the release date of the second novel in her Fay of Skye series, A Theft of Magic. I’m a huge fan of the alternate history version of Victorian England McKinnon has created, as evidencedContinue reading “Guest Post: Cara McKinnon on Alternate History”