There’s a nip in the early morning air and the Spirit Halloween stores have sprouted up like mushrooms! Yes, yes, [insert all the general squee about spooky season here]. I enjoy Halloween as much as the next basic white girl, but mostly I have mixed feelings about fall because it means the end of summer, which is WARM. I don’t have SAD (seasonal affective disorder), so the change in seasons doesn’t mean much change in productivity here at Casa Siamese. (The LEGO addiction is a much greater threat to my writing and can strike at any moment, as shown below.)

Luckily, I’ve already got my usual holiday vacation in the tropics already booked to look forward to, but that’s not actually the cruise I’m most excited about at the moment. I’m already hyped for next summer’s Rainbow Readers Cruise! This event is a convention at sea, so you know I couldn’t pass up this blend of two of my very favorite things. I’m currently registered as an attending blogger, but I’m planning to have this status upgraded to attending author by the time next summer rolls around. I hope you’ll consider joining me for this new adventure!

Updates & Upcoming

Steel Legacy (Steel Empires #7): My amazing, overworked editor sent me notes, and she loves the finale. So, all adventures in self-publishing came to a screeching halt as I completed my last proofreading pass and sent in the final version, along with notes for the cover artist. Next step: writing the dreaded blurb. [publication date TBD]

Earth & Water (Steel Bonds #1): I met with my other amazing, overworked editor, who kindly informed me of all the revisions I’ll need to make this story the best version of itself! That is this month’s priority, along with getting the cover art rolling and, of course, writing the dreaded blurb. [expected publication: January 2024]

[untitled contemporary military romance]: I made an excellent start on the outline for this passion project, and I’m only more excited to get that hammered out and dive into the first draft for NaNoWriMo next month. [expected publication: May 2024]

Blood & Ink (Steel Bonds #2): [in the writing queue]

Events: No official writing appearances are on the schedule for October, but I’m taking a day trip to attend the Indies Invade Philly book signing as a reader!

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