In the spirit of full transparency, I rode the struggle bus for the first half of April, without much productivity other than keeping up with reading ARCs and writing book reviews. Then, the spouse and I spent a lovely long weekend with our besties down in Atlanta to join them for their local Renaissance Faire and a board game fest. This mental reset, in conjunction with some external issues finally falling into place, made the last week of the month much more of a success, and I’m excited to keep up that steam in May.

Nicki takes his position as senior writer cat seriously.

Updates & Upcoming

  • Steel Legacy (Steel Empires #7): With the editor — publication date TBD
  • Secret Project (Phase Two): First draft is in progress, more than 50% complete — I’m on track to send it to beta readers within the week
  • Earth & Water (Steel Bonds #1): First draft (still) in progress! 44k words down, with 8 scenes left to rewrite and 14 to write
  • Other WIPs: I’ve got 4 books in the brainstorming phase, which include 3 more novels in the Steel Bonds series and another future secret project
  • Events: No conventions for me this May, but I will be out of pocket for a much-needed vacation at the end of the month

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Denali (aka Squeaky Cat) is staying with us for another few weeks! His writer-cat training is…progressing.

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