I think I’m coming down with something, so obviously, the answer is to ignore it and power through, right? We’ll see what wins, my to-do list or my motivation!

Do you use to-do lists? How do you keep track of your goals? About 6 months ago, acting on inspiration from a fellow author, I expanded from my daily paper list to include monthly goals using online Trello boards. This has been amazing for keeping track of progress on larger-scale projects and knocking them into bite-sized chunks that are easier to include in the delicate balancing act I have between tasks for the day job, tasks that I need to complete on my computer, and chores I need to do around the house.

Does this mean I get everything done? Ha! One day, my enthusiasm will not outpace my abilities. January 2023 was not that day.

January Wrap-Up

  • My Steel Legacy revisions are SO CLOSE to being done. I can practically taste it. (It tastes like freedom and macarons.)
  • Though I’ve prioritized finishing Steel Legacy over adding words to Earth & Water, I did add some words to that this month!
  • This wasn’t on the list last month, since I didn’t know about it until after January began, but I accomplished phase 1 of a potential Secret Project! More to come as information becomes available.

February Goals

  1. More of the same, alas. But seriously, I will treat myself to some macarons if I get Steel Legacy off to my editor this month. And maybe some LEGO. (I will not eat the LEGO.)
  2. Reach the halfway point on draft 1 of Earth & Water. I miss my boys!
  3. I’m not attending very many conventions in 2023, but I can’t pass up one of my local favorites, Farpoint in Baltimore, Maryland! My schedule will be posted soon, but I’ll definitely be there all 3 days (February 10-12).
  4. Cross my fingers about Secret Project phase 2!

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2 thoughts on “January Wrap-Up & February Goals

  1. This is a great post. Let me see if I have the key points of your post:
    This is one grody month, but at least we’re on track to finish Steel Legacy and get some new writing done! February goals are to reach the halfway point on draft 1 of Earth & Water, cross my fingers about Secret Project phase 2, and read some more books.
    Let me know if I missed the key points.

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