A Year in Reading: 2022

Every year, Goodreads invites me to its annual reading challenge with a helpfully suggested goal of 12 books. Every year, I bump that goal up to 50, because I figure that’s always doable unless the apocalypse occurs. In the last few years, I’ve more than blown that number out of the water. Here’s my final graphic for 2022:

Not as high as the sheer ridiculousness that was my reading in 2021, but still a respectable number of books read. Note that this total includes some graphic novels, short stories, and novellas. The reasons for my decline this year are two-fold. I was finally in a good mental space to start writing again! Yay! And I started playing World of Warcraft again! Slightly less yay, but for all the book reviews I write, I read for myself first and foremost.

January: 39 | February: 45 | March: 51
April: 44 | May: 41 | June: 35
July: 21 | August: 30 | September: 24
October: 33 | November: 29 | December: 30

418 Titles Read in 2022*

Needless to say, I did not write long reviews of all of them, though each book I read does get a handful of sentences on Goodreads.

However, how many of those did I review for the blog this year? That’s still pretty significant.

174 Titles Reviewed in 2022*

*Includes novels, novellas, and graphic novels.

So, do I have any favorites? Of course. Narrowing that down is incredibly difficult, but here are the top books or series I read for the first time in 2022 (listed alphabetically by author).

Secret Service, Tal Bauer [review]
Shattered Pawns series, Jennifer Cody [review & review]
The Shepherd (The Game #6), Cara Dee [review]
Storm Front (Immortals Descending #1), Iris Foxglove [review]
Dark Space trilogy, Lisa Henry [review]

What’s next? I’ve already read 3 books in 2023, and by the time this post goes live, that number might be up to 4 or 5. I love being an advanced reader for so many excellent authors, so don’t forget to check back often for reviews of more amazing books.

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