Book Review: The Rest of the Story by Tal Bauer

This author’s books might have romance at their core, but he never fails to suck me into the overall story that is always so much greater than the spark between two characters. Morgan certainly isn’t looking for romance at the beginning of this book. He’s barely looking for a home, but he’s resigned to playingContinue reading “Book Review: The Rest of the Story by Tal Bauer”

A Year in Reading: 2022

Every year, Goodreads invites me to its annual reading challenge with a helpfully suggested goal of 12 books. Every year, I bump that goal up to 50, because I figure that’s always doable unless the apocalypse occurs. In the last few years, I’ve more than blown that number out of the water. Here’s my finalContinue reading “A Year in Reading: 2022”

Book Review: Gravity by Tal Bauer

Every book I’ve read by this author has been vastly different, but all have been fantastic, and Bauer brings that same storytelling skill to the hockey romance subgenre. In fact, he also completely nails what appeals to me about this subgenre in a discussion between the two main characters about the game of hockey itself.Continue reading “Book Review: Gravity by Tal Bauer”

Book Review: Secret Service by Tal Bauer

Bauer is one of those authors whose stunning use of language elevates the work from general storytelling to a genuine art form. I’d probably have loved this book all on its own based on the excellent characterization and intricate plotline, but luckily, I got to read this amazing bit of literature instead. The action startsContinue reading “Book Review: Secret Service by Tal Bauer”

Review: A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer

I’m not sure what I expected of this book, but it was about a million times better than I anticipated. The characters, story, and situation were more exciting than I could have imagined, and it all packed an amazing emotional punch at the end. It’s one of those harder to categorize books: not quite aContinue reading “Review: A Time to Rise by Tal Bauer”

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