A Year in Reading: 2022

Every year, Goodreads invites me to its annual reading challenge with a helpfully suggested goal of 12 books. Every year, I bump that goal up to 50, because I figure that’s always doable unless the apocalypse occurs. In the last few years, I’ve more than blown that number out of the water. Here’s my finalContinue reading “A Year in Reading: 2022”

Book Review: The Shepherd (The Game #6) by Cara Dee

Read my previous reviews of the books in The Game series: Top Priority (The Game #1) Their Boy (The Game #2) Breathless (The Game #3) Doll Parts (The Game #4) Out of the Ashes (The Game #5) If you can count on anything about this series, you can depend on Dee’s unpredictability when it comes to the varying characters andContinue reading “Book Review: The Shepherd (The Game #6) by Cara Dee”

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