Capclave 2022 Schedule!

Two conventions in a row?!

Yes. I’ll be attending Capclave 2022 this upcoming weekend, hosted by the Washington Science Fiction Association! As this convention is local (or at least more local than Utah), I will be commuting from home, not staying at the host hotel. (Also, I think my cats would riot.) But since this is another convention that I have not been able to attend in person for 3 years, I’m really looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones.

Capclave 2022
September 30 – October 2, 2022
Rockville Hilton & Executive Meeting Center
Rockville, MD


8:30 PM: Too Soon? Writing and Reading About Pandemics (panel, Eisenhower Room)
After nearly three years of living with a global pandemic, some are craving stories that reflect our daily reality. Others aren’t ready to relive the difficulties of suffering through a pandemic. Panelists discuss the pros and cons of writing and reading about pandemics in 2022.
-> With Adam R. Shannon, Mary G. Thompson, Adeena, Mignogna, and Jennifer R. Povey (I’m moderating!)


2:30 PM: Spotlight on Alternate History (panel, Eisenhower Room)
Alternative histories are more popular than ever. Why do historical what-ifs continue to fascinate us, and what makes a powerful (and plausible!) story?
-> With T.C. Weber (moderator), Carolyn Ives Gilman, Bjorn Hasseler, and Jack Campbell

4:00 PM: Mixed-Genre Stories (panel, Jackson Room)
Sometimes, the story you want to write doesn’t fit into traditional genre patterns. Sometimes it fits into ALL the traditional genre patterns. What are the virtues and pitfalls of genre-bending such as finding your audience, marketing through genre-specific channels, generating industry acclaim, finding your niche, and more? Panelists discuss the stories that defy standard shelving paradigms.
-> With A.T. Greenblatt, Brian Hugenbruch, and Charles Gannon (I’m moderating!)

7:30 PM: Mass Autograph Signing (Atrium)


12:00 PM: Author Reading (Monroe Room)

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