I’m finally returning to Salt Lake City this year! Spouse and I are flying in Thursday morning and leaving Sunday morning, so we’ll be around for all 3 days of the convention. I have a few panels and book signing slots, and most importantly, I’ll be back with my interactive alternate history presentation.

FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention
September 22-24, 2022
Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, UT

A huge thanks, once again, to The Printed Garden for hosting my books. Copies of all six installments of the Steel Empires series will be available for purchase at Booth 2471.


3:30 PM: Book Signing (The Printed Garden Booth 2471)

7:00 PM: Alternate History: Creating Stories by Changing the Past (presentation, Room 251D)
Join author and editor J.L. Gribble for an interactive presentation on alternate history storytelling. This workshop is geared toward both readers and writers in all genres who are curious about what goes into creating an alternate history or looking for inspiration on how to develop their own stories and worlds.


2:00 PM: Book Signing (The Printed Garden, Booth 2471)

5:00 PM: Writing Great Fanfiction (panel, Room 255C)
If you’re a real fan of one or more published or scripted storylines out there, you’ve undoubtedly spent time making up stories in your head about some of your favorite characters. Sometimes its a brand new adventure of your own design. Sometimes you just modify a franchised story to make it “better.” Out of such mental musings are born terrific pieces of fanfiction. It’s time to take your fandom to the next level and start writing your own fan-based stories! Join us as we delve into the craft of writing fanfiction: why you should write it, what types of fanfiction there are, and what to do with your story once it’s written. Writing fanfiction can inspire, instruct, and ignite your imagination, whether you are a beginning writer, a professional author, or somewhere in between.
–> With Cheree Alsop, Shannen Camp, Julie Frost, Jodi. L. Milder, Christopher J. Thompson, and David J. West

7:00 PM: From the Battle of New York to the Blip: The Strange Lives of the Citizens of the MCU (panel, Room 255C)
In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we have seen all sorts of enemies threaten the safety of the citizens of the MCU, from nazis, to robots and aliens constantly invading major cities — or outright lifting them up in the air and then dropping them to the ground. But the MCU has slowly but surely been making its citizens accustomed to a different kind of threat beyond supervillains with colorful costumes and mighty powers. Instead, the Marvel universe has been alarmingly increasing its kaiju population. From frost giants, obelisks, leviathans, and colossal humanoids like Surtur (a Celestial literally rising from the middle of the Indian Ocean), and now “Moon Knight” carrying on the franchise’s proud tradition of kaiju fights with two actual gods punching each other in the middle of Cairo. What must life be like for the average humans in this world? How many events can take place before they shrug of a world ending threat with a shrug and call it a Tuesday?
–> With Marlee Haywood Black, Robert Neal, Tracy Mangum, and Troy Mangum

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