Steel Victory 2.0 Now Available!

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The revised edition of the first Steel Empires novel includes:

  • Author’s preferred text for Steel Victory.
  • Foreword by award-winning author and editor Lee Murray.
  • “The Reluctant Master”: A previously unpublished story featuring Victory and Mikelos in the early days of Limani.
  • “Limani: A Brief History”: An excerpt from a longer work by Lady Zhinu Zhuanxu-Wallace.

I spent the first half of this month gearing up for the re-release of Steel Victory. I thought it went wonderfully, and thank you to everyone who attended the online launch event!

Unfortunately, I spent the back half of the month battling illness. Luckily not COVID-19, but still a summer flu that knocked me out for about a week. I’ve spent the downtime wisely by catching up on all the Arrow-verse shows on Netflix, making my way toward the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” cross-over event (Legends of Tomorrow will always be my wacky favorite).

Along with lots and lots of reading. Once my scheduled book reviews meant I had blog posts out to November, I decided to put reviews of complete series into single blog posts and condense into a more manageable schedule. At seven-twelfths of 2020 complete, I’ve already read nearly 150 books.

Not much else going on in our never-ending lockdown, unless you count playing World of Warcraft and hanging out with the cats! Now that I’m feeling better, I’m looking forward to continuing work on the detailed Steel Empires Book 7 outline. Thanks for hanging out with me during this crazy summer, and I hope you’re avoiding illness of all sorts!

July Wrap-Up

  • Lots of cool blog posts went up in celebration of Steel Victory 2.0! Find the full list farther down.
  • I started working on the Steel Legacy outline until the flu knocked me out. Things are percolating, and the notes app on my phone has lots of ideas.
  • I’m currently caught up on book reviews, but reading about 3 books at the same time right now.
  • My spouse keeps TARDIS-napping my amazing new car, but I still love driving it whenever there is someplace to actually go. (Mostly the grocery store.)

August Goals

  1. Complete the detailed Steel Legacy outline.
  2. Stay healthy during the rest of this wacky summer.

In Case You Missed It

Book Reviews

  • A Lesson in Thorns (Thornchapel #1) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • American Queen (New Camelot #1) by Sierra Simone (4 stars)
  • Feast of Sparks (Thornchapel #2) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • American Prince (New Camelot #2) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • Harvest of Sighs (Thornchapel #3) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • American King (New Camelot #3) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • Not Quite Hunter (Not Quite #3) by Kaye Draper (4 stars)
  • Cards of Love: The Moon (New Camelot #4) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • Hexworld Stories by Jordan L. Hawk
    • “A Christmas Hex” (Hexworld #2.5) (5 stars)
    • “Wild Wild Hex” (Hexworld #3.5) (5 stars)
  • “American Squire” (New Camelot #5) by Sierra Simone (5 stars)
  • Thalanian Dynasty Series by Katee Robert
    • Theirs For the Night (Thalanian Dynasty #1) (4 stars)
    • Forever Theirs (Thalanian Dynasty #2) (3.5 stars)
    • Theirs Ever After (Thalanian Dynasty #3) (3 stars)
    • Their Second Chance (Thalanian Dynasty #3.5) (4 stars)
  • Spirits Trilogy by Jordan L. Hawk
    • Restless Spirits (Spirits #1) (5 stars)
    • Dangerous Spirits (Spirits #2) (5 stars)
    • Guardian Spirits (Spirits #3) (5 stars)

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