Happy Leap Year! If January 2020 lasted about a millions years, February 2020 only took about 5 minutes. My month has been full of useful and not-so-useful productivity (yeah, I started playing World of Warcraft again), but it was also filled with good books and lovely times with friends, so what more can a girl ask for?

The highlight of the month was definitely kitten-sitting for my mother-in-law. The other feline residents of Casa Siamese only tentatively warmed up to the visitor in the final hours before it was time for him to go home, but Denali the Siamese blue-point kitten will be back in March for more adorable adventures!

February Wrap-Up

  • I had grand plans about jumping into the revisions for book 6, Steel Justice, but that was before my editor returned the layout for the new version of book 1, Steel Victory! Instead, my time has been focused on that project instead.
  • Both super-secret projects were reviewed! One was a layout proof for a forthcoming Raw Dog Screaming Press project, which I can share details on later. The other was reading and reviewing an ARC of a new book in one of my favorite series! My review of Carrie Vaughn’s The Immortal Conquistador will go live at SpeculativeChic.com next month. Both books were amazing. I love my job.
  • I had a lovely morning at Carpe Librum for an author brunch earlier this month. Looking for a new indie bookstore in Baltimore? This one comes with an adorable cat.
  • I also had a blast at Farpoint 2020 last weekend. The bar has been set high for the rest of my events this year. Read my con report here.
  • And finally, two of my Worldbuilding pages have been updated with new content!

March Goals

  1. Now it’s time to jump back into book 6, Steel Justice! Time to focus on revisions based on the feedback I received from my fabulous beta readers.
  2. I’m heading west for convention #2 of 2020. Join me for Cleveland ConCoction later this month!
  3. More updates to the Worldbuilding pages!

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Nicki is enjoying a moment of peace before that crazy tiny kitten comes back next week.

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