April Wrap-Up & May Goals

I definitely had a productive month, just not in the way I originally thought. I also got to see some great friends and read some great books, so no complaints here. I’m in the middle of reading some pretty awesome book series that I’m alternating with each other, which just makes me want to read faster. (Is that even possible?)

My favorite part of the month was spending time in Atlanta for a good friend’s wedding. The spouse and I needed a weekend away together, and we had a great time exploring the city. The wedding itself was at a natural history museum, with dinosaurs! How cool is that?

April Wrap-Up

  • I’m currently trading the back cover blurb for Steel Shadows back and forth with my editor to nail down the final version.
  • I only added about 3k words to Steel Justice, but that’s okay because…
  • I completed the final proofread for Steel Shadows! I’ve also seen the cover (it’s absolutely amazing). The book will be available this summer, with more details to come as they are available.
  • I’m totally caught up with book reviews, as of this moment. I also reorganized the format of my book review page to make it easier to view.
  • I had a fabulous weekend away in Atlanta with my husband for a friend’s wedding (see pics above).
  • And I had a great few days in Washington, DC at a healthcare conference.

April Book Reviews

April Speculative Chic Contributions

May Goals

  1. Make more progress on Steel Justice. I still refuse to quantify what this means. That may or may not help with the actual progress.
  2. Of all the crazy things, this total horror wuss is attending a horror convention! I’ll be at StokerCon 2019 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, at the beginning this month to hang out with my publisher and fellow authors.
  3. I’ll also be returning to Balticon 53 in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor over Memorial Day weekend.
  4. I’ll squeeze a quick trip up to New York City for the day job in there somewhere.

Will I see you at StokerCon or Balticon this month? What book series are you currently invested in? I obviously need more sagas to get addicted to.

We bought the cats a window seat this month. They approve. I’d chill out there with them, if I could.

cat windowseat

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