Love Across the Universe Blog Tour: What’s next?

Love Across the UniverseI’m pleased to host the authors of the new science fiction/romance anthology, Love Across the Universe, which came out on August 1. Now that their stories have been released into the wild, it’s time to find out what all of them are working on next!

Elsa M. Carruthers: “All B+ut You”

I have a few essays to write and novel revisions.

 M.T. DeSantis: “The Princess of Sands”

I’m currently collaborating on a rather epic fantasy novel, which is very near completion. It’s about an old wizard and a blind warrior who are working to save their corner of the world while telling bad jokes. Hoping to start shopping that around soon. There’s also the Stars and Stone Christmas anthology story, which has a rough plot outline, if not character names or a title yet. 

Traci Douglass: “A Dream to Build a Kiss On”

I’ve got a lot of balls in the air right now, LOL (pun intended). I’m still waiting on several contracts and deadlines to come through, so I’m busy working on two different contemporary romance series, this new M/M paranormal romance Dreamworld Series, a proposal to continue my popular Seven Seals series, and a couple of other projects I’m not allowed to talk about just yet. Be sure to sign-up for my author newsletter to stay informed of all my latest news, releases, and fun contests!

A.E. Hayes: “Tristan’s Tryst”

My memoir, Shattered: Memoirs of an Amnesiac is set to be published on September 12th, 2017, so I’m gearing up for that day, as well as for all of the promo work that goes into the release! I am also working to finish my 6th novel, On Common Ground, as well as finishing a horror/paranormal story for an upcoming graphic novel called The Eynes Anthology. I suppose I’ll sleep one day…

Serena Jayne: “You Only Love Once”

I’m hoping to do more anthologies with Stars and Stone Books. The experience has been fantastic and I am super excited about what’s on the agenda for 2018. I have a couple of older projects that I am planning to polish up and submit for publication in 2018. Fingers crossed!

L.J. Longo: “Breathless”

Well, I’m still in school so I’m working on finishing my thesis novel for Seton Hill University so I can earn my MFA in Writing Popular Fiction. I’m trying to focus in on finishing that. However, I can’t resist a good anthology call and Evernight Publisher’s just released a new one for bad boys called “Lawless.” I’ll be chronicling the process of writing and submitting a novella for that on

Oriana Maret: “Renewal”

I enjoy having several projects ongoing, but I work on them one at a time, i.e., give full concentration on this piece, get to a resting place, and then work on that piece. Finishing my thesis novel revisions/edits (for Seton Hill University) is the priority. Waiting in the wings is a serial project, a SF literature project, and another novel featuring a young woman engineer whose drive to build gets her into a heap of trouble.

Cara McKinnon: “The Pirates and the Pacifist”

I am currently writing the first draft of the next book in my Fay of Skye fantasy romance series, called Secret Magic. That should be out in late October barring any obstacles. I will also be working with many of the same authors from this anthology on a contemporary romance anthology due out in time for the holiday season. After that, I’m going to start working on the first book in a totally new series!

Sheri Queen: “Red Sand”

 I have a super busy life with responsibilities that often take away from my writing time, so I have to juggle projects. It’s just not possible to do all that I’d like to do, so I’ve been working on the short stories to feel productive. Book two in my Sleepy Hollow Hunter novella series is high on my list.

Mary Rogers: “Breakfast on Pluto”

I have a trilogy I’m working on called “Balsam Island” and it matches the American San Juans with the Canadian Gulf Islands, because I love my home, and I’m grateful for Canada and my years there. I want it to never be obvious which country it’s set in (it’s both) and that is to make it accessible to all of us here.

Emmerite Sundberg: “Fluid”

I am working on a few YA fantasy novels, so you may be seeing me in print again soon.

K.W. Taylor: “Reprogramming”

I have a set of linked flash fiction coming out this summer entitled “A Year of Phantoms.” That’ll be appearing in the collection 555 Volume 3 from Carrion Blue. I have a lot of works in progress going, too, including the sequel to The Curiosity Killers, but as I’m currently a PhD student, I’m doing some non-fiction work as well. In October, I’m presenting a talk at the Midwest Popular Culture Association conference on women in politics and media.

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