Lucy would like to remind everyone that she is the best present (and that the heating vent is warm).

Happy holidays to all of my readers! Every year, my husband and I send a card and newsletter to family and friends. Since I include all of you in that category, below is a (slightly redacted for privacy) copy of the newsletter. I hope you are all having a great holiday of your choice.

(In case it’s not obvious, the name I actually use in day-to-day life is Hanna!)

Dear Family & Friends,

This has been a year of changes in the Gribble household, but for the most part, they have all been for the better.

Hanna’s 10 years with the Department of Veterans Affairs came to a close with the announcement that the medical journal she edited would be discontinued by the end of the year. In April, she accepted a new position as a medical editor, where she has switched focus from rehabilitation to HIV care. She took 2 weeks off between jobs to enjoy “funemployment” on a cruise to the Caribbean with Erik, where we ziplined in St. Thomas, enjoyed the beach in Labadee, and visited a friend in Sint Maarten.

The vacation also did double-duty as a way for us to spend time together before Erik attended school in Mississippi for 6 months! He enjoyed a hot, humid summer on the Gulf Coast, where he finally received training for his position with the Maryland Air National Guard. Hanna was able to visit him twice, for a long weekend in July and a full week in September. Erik graduated the course with honors, receiving the Distinguished Graduate designation for both his high grades and the work he did tutoring fellow students, who were mostly new members of the Air Force.

While he was gone, Hanna spent time with the cats, who all managed to have a healthy year, and celebrated the launch of her second novel! Steel Magic is the next book in her Steel Empires fantasy series, and she spent the fall hard at work on the next installments. When Erik returned home, we headed south again to attend a destination wedding in Sint Maarten in November, enjoying a final bit of sun and warmth before winter. We’re looking forward to spending the holidays at home in Maryland this year.

Hanna & Erik

How are you spending the holiday today? If this is a gifting occasion for you, what’s the most fun thing you received? More importantly, what’s the most amazing thing you gave? I’m so happy that my husband loves his phone charger that looks like a miniature Tesla supercharger.

The newest addition to my TARDIS collection is a cuddly pillow!

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