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I have had a delightfully nerdy day!

Finished out my 10k steps today by making my way around a local lake and achieving my slowest time ever! Usually I can do a 15-minute mile, but I didn’t even bother tracking it this time. Not because I’m sick or injured, but because I am absolutely one of those people stopping at random intervals to play Pokemon Go.

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I was very entertained during my walk, however, by listening to the newest episode of the Geekshow Podcast! While I was visiting my husband last weekend, I was interviewed by this nerd-centric podcast by Jay Whittaker. My interview with Jay is at the very end, because we obviously pre-recorded it. But if you skip directly to the end, you’ll miss some great discussions about the “Gay Sulu” controversy and the current state of comics publishing.

Whether you enjoy the whole show or skip straight to my segment, you’ll get to hear me talk a little bit about why I write the sort of urban fantasy that I do, some advice for new writers, and even, of all things, what my favorite bird is.

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