I met author Anne E. Johnson at Cleveland ConConction last March, and we struck up some delightful conversations in Authors Alley on such topics as indie publishing and being a female speculative fiction writer. She invited me to write a guest post for her blog, which was published this morning. You can find the direct link to the post here.

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The post is about the different methods I’ve used to outline the first four books in the Steel Empires series so far, including what I’ve learned about each of them and which one I’ve decided works best for me. I hope you check it out!

Anne’s latest release is the story “No One’s Land” in the Mosaics Vol. 2 anthology. Her most recent novel is Space Surfers, a young adult science-fiction adventure.


Anne E. Johnson, based in Brooklyn, is the author of noir sci fi novel series The Webrid Chronicles (GREEN LIGHT DELIVERY and BLUE DIAMOND DELIVERY) from Candlemark & Gleam, medieval romance A KISS AT VESPERS, tween medieval mystery TROUBLE AT THE SCRIPTORIUM (Royal Fireworks), and tween paranormal mystery EBENEZER’S LOCKER. She has published many types of writing, including feature articles about music for the New York Times, non-fiction children’s books for the Rosen Group, and dozens of short stories.

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