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A portion of my current Netflix main page. I really don’t understand some of those Top Picks…

Some context for this tag: I enjoy visual storytelling as much as the written version. Therefore, though it comes in waves, I spend and an awful lot of time watching television as well as reading. Though my husband and I still have cable, Netflix has also become an essential part of our lives.

As I writer, I spend a large portion of my life sedentary in front of my computer (I can’t get into the whole standing desk thing). For a long time, I also had one of the common health problems that writers get: shoulder, neck, and upper back pain. I started seeing a massage therapist once a month, and that helped a little bit. When I joined a small gym near my house for access to the treadmills, I took advantage of the free evaluation from a personal trainer and thought, “Huh. There’s something to this.” So between a combination of monthly massages, regular cardio by walking on a treadmill, and strength training, my back pain has almost completely vanished!

Except that I can’t listen to music while walking on a treadmill and staring out at a parking lot. It’s just too boring. Luckily, my gym has wifi, and I can watch Netflix on my phone! Part of my exercise motivation is having one television show that I can’t watch unless I’m on the treadmill at the gym.

Do you watch more TV shows or films on Netflix?

Television shows. For some reason, it’s easy to justify watching an episode or two of a show, but settling in for a movie is just too much of a commitment on a random weeknight.

What are your all-time favorite series to watch on Netflix?

So, so many. I only make a point to watch a few shows as they are airing (and thank god for DVRs), but I maintain a list at the top of my Netflix queue to keep an eye out for new seasons of shows. Currently, that list includes (only things that are currently in production or that I haven’t finished, and in no particular order):

  • iZombie
  • Jessica Jones
  • Once Upon a Time
  • The 100
  • Bones
  • Daredevil
  • Hawaii Five-0
  • Sense8
  • Supernatural
  • Sherlock
  • Warehouse 13
  • Royal Pains
  • Arrow
  • The Flash
  • Scandal
  • How to Get Away With Murder
  • The Blacklist

What are you currently watching on Netflix?

My current treadmill show is an absolutely ridiculous CW historical drama called Reign, which covers the era of Mary, Queen of Scots, married to King Francis II of France. When you watch it under the combination of knowing just enough about the time period to be dangerous and not being too invested in the characters, it’s actually quite charming while also kind of hysterical.

What is your one pet peeve when it comes to Netflix?

While I intellectually understand geographical blocks on what you can watch, I think it’s actually all very silly.

When it comes to Netflix are you a binge watcher?

God yes. Especially if I’m in between writing projects, or just having a day.

What are your essentials for a Netflix night in?

Pizza, wine, and snuggles with my husband and/or cats.

What is on your wishlist?


I’m not really sure what this means. I have over 150 items in my queue…

What would you recommend to your readers?

Some of my major television inspirations for the world of Limani include both fiction and nonfiction. Just for something different, here’s the “nonfiction”:

  • Destination Truth
  • Ancient Aliens
  • Life After People

I’ve gotten so much much inspiration from each of these, in very different ways.

I’m not going to tag anyone, but please feel free to snag it yourself! Let me know in the comments if there’s something you think I should absolutely be watching, or if you want to gush about the beautiful (and very historically inaccurate) costumes in Reign.


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