January Wrap-Up & February Goals

First of all, can we just spend a moment basking in the fact that this happened yesterday?


I did a bit more tweaking today, and STEEL BLOOD is currently at 79,999 words and on it’s way to the beta readers!

January Wrap-Up:

  • Finish book 3: DONE! WOOT!
  • Finish edits on prequel story 1: DONE! I’m on a roll!
  • Start edits on prequel story 2: …Did I mention that I finished book 3?
  • Steel Empires bible: I got a crash course on the best way to set up an Excel spreadsheet for this, and it’s organized and updated! I have tabs on characters, locations, world-building details, and future story ideas.
  • I did, in fact, proof a novel for my publisher. You should all go pre-order it here: STARRIE, by Heidi Ruby Miller (another novel in the Ambasadora-verse).
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February Goals:

  1. Not look at book 3. I’ll come back to it in a few months once the beta-readers are done with it.
  2. Start revising prequel story 2 and send scenes to my new critique group!
  3. Start outlining the major plot points of book 4 using a great method I learned about during my writing retreat.
  4. Something about book reviews? Maybe?

Remember, February is Women in Horror Month! I’m not a horror writer myself, but I’m friends with a bunch of them. Last year I attended a great panel on gender diversity in the genre, and the takeaways are still applicable. You can read about them on the Raw Dog Screaming Press blog here.

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