I’d been letting some details languish, so thought I’d spend a few minutes today updating some of the sections of this blog!

  • Chronology page: Updated some progress notes and added a story I’m brainstorming, the coda to book 2, STEEL MAGIC.
  • Theme Songs page: Half the reason I’m writing a coda to STEEL MAGIC is because hearing “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots got me thinking about one of the main characters.
  • Events page: My schedule for 2016 is starting to fill up! Have a convention you’d like to see me present at, be a panelist on, or run a critique session for? Contact the con program chair and let them know!

Now I am off to my local coffee shot to keep working on the first draft of book 3. After I go shopping for a new wireless keyboard–Dumb Gray Cat ran across my desk like a madman the other night and spilled wine everywhere. So now the keys are sticking.

I’m excited to get away this weekend to a writing retreat at the Broadkill Resort. Expect a full review of this new writing spot when I return!

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