Had a whirlwind of a weekend, so your regularly scheduled blog post is a day late. Oops! So here’s a bunch of news to make up for it.

This Thursday I will be featured by the Morgantown Poets! I and fellow Raw Dog Screaming Press author B.E. Burkhead (author of THE UNDERSIDE OF THE RAINBOW) will be doing readings and a joint Q&A at 7 PM at the Monongalia Arts Center in Morgantown, West Virginia. We will have books on hand to sign and sell. Hope to see you there!

Progress on book 3, STEEL BLOOD, is continuing, albeit slowly. More importantly, though, the book now has its theme song! Check out the video for “2 Heads” by Coleman Hell and let me know what you think.

Finally, one of my favorite book series is coming to an end. KITTY SAVES THE WORLD came out last week by author Carrie Vaughn. I started reading it immediately, and then realized that this was the book that is going to tie everything together. Which means, of course, that characters and events from the previous 13 books are going to be mentioned. So now I’m re-reading the entire series, and loving every bit of it. If you’d like to keep track of my progress, I keep a running announcement of each new book I start over on Twitter (@hannaedits). In honor of Kitty the Werewolf, I’m posing each book in the series next to one of my cats for each tweet.

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