July = Success!

My goals for the month of July were relatively simple: Complete a scene-by-scene outline of book 3 (tentatively called STEEL BLOOD) and finish the initial rewrite of the first prequel short story (formerly called “Peacekeeping” but now in search of a new name). I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo with the goal of 10,000 words between both of those goals. My final word count for the outline and the last half of the story was a little over 11k words. Right now, it looks like STEEL BLOOD will be about the same length as STEEL MAGIC, both a little shorter than STEEL VICTORY. I met with my lovely critique partners last night, and they gave me some great notes for “The-Story-Formerly-Known-as-Peacekeeping” (TSFKaP).

For August:

  • Write the first 10,000 words of STEEL BLOOD.
  • Complete the next stage of rewrites of TSFKaP. Send it to final beta-reader. Start working with cover artist for Kindle release.

Wish me luck!

Here’s a picture of some kitten enchiladas:

Nicki and Lucy

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