A frequent question for authors is “Who would play your characters in the movie?”

I created my characters before casting them, and in some cases a few of the minor details don’t match up (usually eye color). However, for general appearance and attitude, the very talented actors below represent who I often see in my mind’s eye when writing.

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Disclaimer: All photos via IMDB.com; this is meant as a worldbuilding/characterization exercise only.

Jaimie Alexander

Vampire | Master of the City

Likes: Coffee, swords, and her kids. Dislikes: Impertinent questions. Go away.

Photo credit: Lady Sif, Thor: The Dark World

Jared Padalecki
“Mikelos Connor”

Daywalker | Violinist

Not quite sure how he ended up in this family of adventurers. Still prefers it to schmoozing rich patrons in stuffy ballrooms. Does occasionally miss the wine.

Photo credit: Sam Winchester, Supernatural

Lauren Cohan
“Toria Connor”

Human | Warrior-Mage

Element: Storm. Weapon of choice: Rapier. Would prefer to be tinkering. Or napping.

Photo credit: Maggie Greene, The Walking Dead

Michael B. Jordan
“Kane Nalamas”

Human | Warrior-Mage

Element: Earth. Weapon of choice: Shamshir. Is usually the voice of reason, much to his dismay.

Photo credit: Adonis Johnson, Creed II

Michael Fassbender

Vampire | Mercenary

He hasn’t lived over 2,000 years to start drinking bad alcohol now.

Photo credit: Quintus Dias, Centurion

Rahul Kohli

Vampire | Academic

Prefers using knowledge and words to violence and knives these days. Can still cut you with either.

Photo credit: Ravi Chakrabarti, iZombie

Kristen Bell
“Syrisinia (Syri)”

Elf | Troublemaker

She might not know everything about her history, but she’s always ready to take on the future.

Photo credit: Publicity Still

Luke Mitchell
“Liamacorin (Liam)”

Elf | Academic

Intentionally specializes in history. Accidentally specializes in the care and feeding of wayward time travelers.

Photo credit: Publicity Still

Jensen Ackles

Vampire | Cellist

Three simple goals:
1) Create beautiful music.
2) Seduce beautiful women.
3) Take care of Mikelos.

Photo credit: Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Matthias Schoenaerts
“Max Asher”

Human | Mercenary

Head of Limani’s Mercenary Guild. Best friend to Asaron. Mentor to Toria and Kane. Each of these is a full-time job.

Photo credit: Gabriel Oak, Far From the Maddening Crowd

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