Review: Hell’s Bedroom Series by Tanya Chris

Kitchen Sink Dom (Book 1) Knowing some of the backstory of how this book developed made it even more entertaining: Chris asked for kink suggestions in a social media group and did her best to incorporate as many as possible. What might have been a disjointed connection of sex scenes held together by a plotContinue reading “Review: Hell’s Bedroom Series by Tanya Chris”

Review: Ever After Series by Tanya Chris

Aftercare (Book 1) I can’t remember the last time I was so engrossed by a legal thriller. As a bonus, Chris also sucked me into the burgeoning romance between Garrett and Aayan. Usually, in these kinkier romances, it’s the Dom introducing a potential sub to the lifestyle. Here, it’s the other way around. Garrett mightContinue reading “Review: Ever After Series by Tanya Chris”

Review: High Lonesome by Tanya Chris

Sometimes I read books despite the trigger warnings at the end of the back-cover blurb. In this case, I picked this book because of one of the trigger warnings. I have a professional interest in HIV due to my day job, and I’m always interested in seeing how HIV and HIV prevention are addressed inContinue reading “Review: High Lonesome by Tanya Chris”