Review: Love Always by Riley Hart

One day, I will stop reading books on the elliptical that I know will emotionally wreck me. This book was not the day. The connection between Nate and Wren is instantaneous, but this is far from an insta-love romance. Hart balances a fine line between that particular trope (of which I’m not a fan) andContinue reading “Review: Love Always by Riley Hart”

Review: Broken Pieces Series by Riley Hart

Broken Pieces (Book 1) Like it says on the tin, this is a book in three parts, in which each part encompasses a complete love story arc. First, it’s the young adult love between Josiah and Mateo as they are thrust together in the foster care system. Then, the older and unexpected love between JosiahContinue reading “Review: Broken Pieces Series by Riley Hart”

Review: Havenwood Series by Riley Hart

Giving Chase (Book 1) Falling for the older brother’s best friend isn’t necessarily a trope I lean toward, but I’ll make an exception when the characters are far beyond high school and the best friend has just returned from over a decade away. The chemistry between Chase and Kellan is undeniable, but they face multipleContinue reading “Review: Havenwood Series by Riley Hart”