One day, I will stop reading books on the elliptical that I know will emotionally wreck me. This book was not the day. The connection between Nate and Wren is instantaneous, but this is far from an insta-love romance. Hart balances a fine line between that particular trope (of which I’m not a fan) and the obvious connection between two people that can grow in a short time and remain firm no matter the obstacles.

Hart acknowledges that she took a risk with this romance novel because of the time gaps between the sections when Nate and Wren are together in person, but it worked for me. Another risk was the nontraditional arc than that of most romance novels, in which two characters come together emotionally and then physically (or vice versa), experience a dark moment, and then live happily ever after. Instead of that single arc, this story is a series of peaks and valleys in which the two men know that despite the love they have for each other, they have to be true to themselves first of all. This novel was not necessarily easy to read, and it’s not light on the angst, but it was worth every moment of it.

I’ve found that this author is particularly good at writing characters, and when the characters work, the relationships between them are even stronger and more dynamic. Wren and Nate deserve their happily ever after, and despite some tears, I have no regrets about following them on their journey.

Rating: 5 (out of 5) stars. Cross-posted to Amazon and Goodreads.

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