Review: Exile’s Throne (Empress Game #3) by Rhonda Mason

Disclaimer: I consider the author a friend; however, I purchased a hardcopy of this book for full price. Mason concludes her stunning space opera trilogy with absolutely nothing you expect, which makes this book all the more perfect. Since I’ve started reviewing every book I complete, I’ve gotten into the habit of taking down random […]

Writing strong female characters with Rhonda Mason: STEEL BLOOD Blog Tour Stop #6

I have kind of a love/hate relationship with the “strong female character” trope. Today, with author Rhonda Mason, I talk about the ways the main character of my series falls into this particular urban fantasy stereotype — and how I break the stereotype. A quick look: I’ve only been participating in programming at conventions for […]

Review: CLOAK OF WAR (Empress Game #2) by Rhonda Mason

Disclaimer: I attended the same graduate school program as the author and consider her a friend; however, I purchased my hardcopy version of this novel for full price. Often, middle books in a trilogy act as placeholders. Things happen, but mostly just to get the characters from point A (the exciting first installment) to point […]

Confessions of a Writer Tag

I was tagged by Breeanna Pierce, my amazing critique partner, to complete a 20-question survey designed to get to know authors in the blog-o-sphere. For the original post on the tag and the participation guidelines, go here.

Review: THE EMPRESS GAME by Rhonda Mason

Disclaimer: I attended Seton Hill University’s Writing Popular Fiction graduate program with the author and consider her a friend. I purchased this book for full price, though I had the luck to snag it at a book signing a few days before the official release. I read space opera, but I mostly read space opera […]