Book Review: Heart2Heart Vol. 6 (multiple authors)

I was honored to be asked to review an advanced digital copy of the 2022 Heart2Heart collection, featuring many of my favorite authors. Since I’m reading this charity anthology for free, I’ve made a separate donation to a local LGBTQ+ organization. This book is only available for a limited time, so don’t wait to grabContinue reading “Book Review: Heart2Heart Vol. 6 (multiple authors)”

Book Review: The Sceptic (Arcana Books #1) by Lily Morton

The paranormal Black & Blue series by this same author was a departure from her contemporary/romantic comedy books, but I am more than pleased that she continues to dabble in the realm of crossing romance with dark fantasy and horror. I hesitate to call this particular book a paranormal romance because while Will and JemContinue reading “Book Review: The Sceptic (Arcana Books #1) by Lily Morton”

Review: Beautifully Unexpected by Lily Morton

Morton excels at packing humor and emotion into a vibrant, immersive story that you can’t help but read straight through to the end. I knew that, as usual, her storytelling would leave me with the sort of book hangover that is difficult to shake. Mags and Laurie wormed their way into my heart much asContinue reading “Review: Beautifully Unexpected by Lily Morton”

Review: Finding Home Series by Lily Morton

This post contains reviews for the Finding Home series: Oz (#1) Milo (#2) Gideon (#3) Short Stack (follow-up stories) Oz (Book 1) Though it can stand alone as a book, I’m pleased that I had additional background regarding Silas’ family and family history when going into this book. Henry and Ivo make excellent appearances, andContinue reading “Review: Finding Home Series by Lily Morton”

Review: Mixed Messages Series by Lily Morton

Rule Breaker (Book 1) As much as I enjoy reading romances that involve power dynamics, I have trouble crossing certain lines. An employer/employee relationship is one of them because the power balance there is not imbalanced through the desires of the participants but instead due to outside forces. However, this established history between Dylan andContinue reading “Review: Mixed Messages Series by Lily Morton”

Review: The Quiet House (Black & Blue #2) by Lily Morton

A group of paranormal specialists and investigators are gathered at a supposedly haunted house. We’ve probably all read this story before. Except this version happens to include the mysterious and amazing Blue Billings, with boyfriend Levi and mentor Tom along for the ride. What results is decidedly more in the haunted and horrifying department thanContinue reading “Review: The Quiet House (Black & Blue #2) by Lily Morton”

Review: The Summer of Us by Lily Morton

I keep doing this weird thing where I put off reading books by this author and then can’t figure out why because her writing is pretty freaking amazing. Once I got over the hurdle of acknowledging that I was missing backstory with these two characters (since this book is a spin-off from a previous series),Continue reading “Review: The Summer of Us by Lily Morton”

Review: Close Proximity Series by Lily Morton

Best Man (Book 1) Lily Morton came as a highly recommended author from various sources. I recently read and enjoyed her newest novel, a paranormal romance, and was pointed here as an excellent intro to her contemporary romance. Zeb and Jesse immediately captured my heart with their distinctive personalities, which are large enough to beContinue reading “Review: Close Proximity Series by Lily Morton”

Review: The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings (Black & Blue #1) by Lily Morton

If I accidentally moved into a haunted house, I’d probably fall for the cute, local ghost tour guide too. Especially if his psychic gifts can help me un-haunt my house. The blue hair is probably just a bonus. Apparently, I identified a lot with Levi as a character because most of all of his decisionsContinue reading “Review: The Mysterious and Amazing Blue Billings (Black & Blue #1) by Lily Morton”